What's Next After Signing:

  • If you have utilities in your name, please wait to disconnect them once we have a confirmed move in date. The tenant will be instructed to start services in their name. We will need services on for showing and make ready.
  • Do you have a HOME WARRANTY? If so, please make sure I received your information. Full Spectrum has preferred Home Warranty companies that we work with.
    • Please be prepared for the negatives when having a home warranty associated with your property
    • There are several home warranty companies that FSPPM does not prefer.
    • Home warranties do not cover preventative maintenance Please consult FSPPM before purchasing a home warranty
  • Remember to change your AC filter before you move out and set your AC to a reasonable temperature for the time of year. Try not to leave your doors open for long periods of time when moving out during hot summer months, this can affect your bill and even the AC unit itself
  • Call your Home Insurance provider and tell them your home is now a rental property. Let them know you have a property manager, this may help lower cost. This must be done ASAP and is the most important detail you must do.

Please keep in mind the expected or possible expenses for the first month

  • Lease Fee: The lease fee will be reduced from the 1st full month rent.

  • Property Management Fees: Your monthly 10% property management fee.

  • Cleaning: If needed I will send out my cleaning contractor. The company I use charges minimum $100.

  • Carpet/Tile Cleaning: If needed, I will send out my contractor, he is the most reasonable and does great work.

  • Third Party Rekeying: This can run between $80-$300 depending if the property is up to code or not. Cost will be reduced from 1st months rent

  • Maintenance: Any handy work that needs to be done to prepare the home for rental. I can schedule and pay out is needed.

  • Reserves: $300 reserve fund. This money stays in your account and is used to pay for any maintenance fees throughout the month.