Quick Fix Tip: Garbage Disposal

garbage disposal fix tips.png

If your garbage disposal isn’t working there are a few things you can do to troubleshoot common issues.

First make sure that electricity is connected to the disposal. You may need to check the circuit breaker or the electrical panel.

If the motor begins to hum, turn it off! The humming is a sign that the motor is working but there may be something obstructing the blades from spinning.

Try pressing the restart/thermal overload button located on the garbage disposal and again check to see if the disposal turns on and begins to hum. If it does, turn it off and unplug the garbage disposal.

Next, you will need a hex Allen wrench to turn the motor shaft counterclockwise, then clockwise to dislodge anything that may be caught in the blades. This is usually located on the bottom side of the garbage disposal.

Remove the wrench and begin running water from the faucet. Turn on the disposal and check if it begins to run smoothly. You’re all done!

If the garbage disposal isn’t working, you may need to call a handyman. Always use caution when working with circuit breakers, electrical panels, outlets, and garbage disposals.

Daniela Herrera