Communication & Accounting

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One of the things that makes us great Property Managers is our communication and accounting process.


Tenants place work orders in through the Tenant Portal and our maintenance manager is immediately notified. After speaking to the tenant and the owner of the property, the maintenance manger contacts the appropriate vendor for the job. Sometimes this consists of getting multiple bids for a job. The goal is to resolve the issue quickly and correctly.

Home owners main point of contact is our property manager. Any questions and concerns can be resolved with her. Email and phone calls are the best and most efficient form of communication. The Maintenance manager will also be in contact with the owner regarding work orders, home maintenance and inspections.


Our software is incredible! Appfolio does a great job sending out owners monthly statements, and end of year statements that clearly give accountants all the information they need to know. Easily keep track of the profit/rental income being received every month.

Daniela Herrera